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No Money to Buy Book

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No money to buy books.
Buying book is really necessary for each student. However, not everyone has the fund to purchase. An illustration of this is me.  
Yeah! This is right. Not this people are also look like that people. Recently, I got married. Due to my family is poor, my husband is unemployed, I don’t have money to buy book. As a student, I have to ask my sister to buy cheap book in order to study. It is said that: “you get what you pay for”. Therefore, it cannot adapt to the request of teacher, the result is I have to face up a lot of difficult when I study the wrong book. First difficult is reading book before class. I cannot follow up what teacher said and what teacher request. For this reason, I have to move my desk near to my friend in order to share the same book and study group too. However, it still sees other inconvenient due to space between me and book is further and I have to adjust my position, my eyes and doing exercise way difficultly. Besides, I have to face up before teacher and friends’ complaint even under pity and contempt looks. In order to solve my situation, teacher help me buy the way request me that I have to write answers in separate sheets to in order to turn them in. It is also a method help me to improve English although it is inconvenient for me. I have to manage time to go to the library to do homework in that separate sheets. There is more difficult than that is I have to bring my daughter to go together with me. The final difficulty is hard to follow up all assignment; I have to copy or write down some notes.
With difficulties above, you see there is book to study is very important. Therefore, you need to have the right book by return and buy it again unless you buy the right book. Once you go to school, you have to plan before. You need to open textbook in your class schedule in order to know what book you need. As for me, I also want to do that; but I can’t do that because my purse is empty. I have to study actively...


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