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Efficient Time Management

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Well, time management is important because it helps us prioritize our work. Once we have a list of things we need to tackle, we need to see what we should do first. What are those that are important and time sensitive. That way, we set out to do those first. As for example, I have Algebra and Calculus class tomorrow morning but the tutorials have not been done yet. At the same time, I want to do revision on Biology. So, the most righteous thing to do is to settle my tutorials first because they are time-pending and do revision the next day when I am free.
On top of that, when we plan our time we are making wise investment of a very limited resource – time. Knowing what to work on, when and how much time we have to finish the work makes we more focused. That focus on the work ensures that we get more quality work out. Having ample time allocated exclusively for revision will results in better understanding of the subject matters. Thus the knowledge will stay in our mind for a longer period and can be easily recalled.
Time management is a huge part of managing ourselves. If we cannot manage time and won’t manage our limited resources, how do we plan to achieve our goals? I find that learning to manage time helps to discipline myself. This is simply due to the fact that if we obey our daily schedule without fail, we shall have ample time to rest at night, relax and have some fun stretching our body in the evening near the lake at twelfth college. Then, if managing time benefits us so much, we must decide what is best for ourselves.
The next importance of effective time management is it forces us to do things that we are not fond of. Simple, when you write down what you need to do – it is there staring at you. You are forced to tackle it. To me it is a target I have given myself and so I must live up to the challenge regardless of how much I hate doing it. For me, it is like writing report for laboratory experiment. Not caring whether how busy I am that day...


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