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First Time Cooking

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I came home from school, his stomach growling kitchen, like hounds come and have look over there and smell nothing. Or dinner today for me to manage it, to let labor day elders to eat meal worry the dinner.
I Sheng three bowls of rice, washed into the rice cooker, with good water, plug in the power.
The next cooking, open the refrigerator, hey, everything, and clean with a good. Scrambled eggs with tomatoes is my favorite. I took a few eggs and tomatoes, and took a green pepper meat.
Pour some vegetable oil in a pan, ignited gas stove, and other fried thoroughly and add onion ginger stir fry, fragrant, pour meat, suddenly, splatters, I dodge, the hands hot out two bubble . Recapture some seasoning, stir fry a few, add green pepper, seasoned with salt, water, cover and cook. About to cook for a few minutes, smell the smell. I can not wait to clip a piece of meat into his mouth, too hot to me straight stamping. I mimic it, 三下五除二, a tomato quickly pan.
I scrambled to finish two dishes tired sweating, the mother grandmother every day to go to work are also copied held housework, their hard work can be imagined.
Was thinking of Mom and Dad pushed open the door. "Yeah, and then washed a seaweed soup for supper!" These are you doing! "Pleasantly surprised mother looked at me. "Of course! 真人不露相 thing!" I said triumphantly. In this case, the grandparents back, Grandma happy face opened a daisy. Grandpa sip aside and said: "Well, the taste is good, we can cultivate a chef!"
Can do little things for the family, I was tired, but happy with!
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