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Water Pollution

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Malaysia was depending on surface water resources for domestic, industrial and agricultural usage. However, growths in population are contributing to increase of water demand due to lack of the clean surface water resources. In Selangor, Klang Valley is expected area to be facing with critical water shortage in the future due to current level of surface water become decreasing. Realizing to this becoming scenario, Selangor is looking into groundwater resources to fulfill the needs of clean water demand. In order to solve this problem, development of groundwater resources from Batang Padang in Perak for water supply in Selangor has been proposed. The treated groundwater from this area planned to be supply mainly to the state of Selangor and the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya. This project will covers about 2,712 km2 which included area within 80 km in north-south and 50 km east-west direction. This project is predicted to extract 50 to 500 Million Liter per Day (MLD) of groundwater to be supply. Within the District of Batang Padang, there are three major towns which are Tapah, Bidor and Tanjung Malim as shown in Figure 1.

Area within the District of Batang Padang in Perak

Large capacity development of groundwater resources will certainly give impact to the surrounding environment. The existing environment within the District of Batang Padang consists of many valuable floras and faunas which are under protected species. If this project is developed without taking into consideration on the existing flora and fauna, the worst impacts they may be faced. This paper highlights on the importance of environmental monitoring in order to protect the flora and fauna due to development of groundwater resources from Batang Padang in Perak for water supply in Selangor.

Critical review of regulatory instruments

In order to propose for the project, environmental monitoring must be done to monitor the...


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