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Impact Crusher with High Finished Product Price

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     The impact crusher is also called impact crushing, which is widely used in metal and non-metal ores, cement, refractories, abrasives, glass raw materials, construction aggregate, artificial sand and a variety of metallurgical slag crushing and coarse grinding jobs, especially in the hard, special hard and abrasive materials such as silicon carbide, silicon carbide, sintered bauxite, magnesite and so has more advantages than other types of crushers. We make analysis on the factors affecting the production capacity of the impact crusher, in general, there are many factors affecting production capacity, generally speaking, there are five factors: the hardness of the material: the harder the material broken up more difficult, but also the wear on the device is more serious. The slower the sand making is, the lower the capacity will be. Therefore we need to pay attention to the choice of materials. The composition of the materials: the more the materials in the former impact crusher, the more impact the system sand will has, because the fine powder is easy to adherence of delivery. Therefore, for the fines with more materials, you should advance through a sieve. Try to screen out the fine powder materials, so as not to affect the normal working of the impact crusher. Impact crusher broken material fineness: the higher requirements of fineness, the crushing capacity will be more smaller. This regard to the specific requirements, such as no special requirements, general fineness of the material system is fine. The viscosity of the material: i.e., the big viscosity of the material, the more easily to adhere. 
     Materials with big viscosity adhered to the inner wall of the cavity in the sand system of impact crusher, if not promptly clean up, it will affect the efficiency of the impact crusher, serious cases may affect the normal working of the impact crusher. Therefore, the choice of materials, we must note that the...


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