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Nowadays It's Easier to Maintain Health Than the Past

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Nowadays it’s easier to maintain health than the past. – Teddy

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Nowadays it’s easier to maintain health than the past.
Per​son​al health has long been the cen​ter of pub​lic at​ten​tion. Some neo-Lud​dites ar​gue that com​pared with their coun​ter​parts in the past, they are now in a dif​fi​cult sit​u​a​tion to re​main healthy. From my per​spec​tive, al​though such en​vi​ron​men​tal headaches as the de​ple​tion of ozone lay​er or ve​hi​cle emis​sions may plague mod​ern peo​ple to some de​gree, the re​al perks pro​vid​ed by the rapid de​vel​op​ment of both so​cial and tech​nol​o​gy makes it eas​i​er to im​prove cit​i​zen’s well-be​ing. Ad​mit​ted​ly, the re​cent emerg​ing en​vi​ron​men​tal prob​lems en​dan​ger peo​ple’s health to a cer​tain de​gree. The di​rect ra​di​a​tion of sun’s harm​ful ul​tra-vi​o​let caused by the widen​ing ozone hole in​creas​es the po​ten​tial risk of skin can​cer. Ur​ban smog leads to res​pi​ra​to​ry dis​eases like asth​ma, es​pe​cial​ly to kids. New​ly in​vent​ed agri​cul​ture fer​til​iz​ers and pes​ti​cides end up in the sea wa​ter, which is a ma​jor source of dai​ly drink​ing wa​ter. How​ev​er, those health killers weigh con​sid​er​ably less when it comes to the ad​vances in tech​nol​o​gy and peo​ple’s aware​ness in health main​te​nance. For one thing, peo​ple can take bet​ter care of them​selves nowa​days than in the past. Thanks to the mod​ern med​i​cal ad​vances, many used to be in​cur​able dis​eases like pneu​mo​nia, for ex​am​ple, can now be eas​i​ly dealt with ef​fec​tive drugs. Such once ram​pant plagues as small​pox measles and Dengue fever have al​ready been an​ni​hi​late by peo​ple’s ef​fort dur​ing years of com​bat with virus. An​tibi​otics and vac​cines in​ject​ed in​to chil​dren can pre​vent​ed them from in​fect​ing once con​ta​gious flu like per​tus​sis, po​lio, and diph​the​ria. With the con​ve​nience of trans​porta​tion, peo​ple can es​cort their fam​i​ly mem​bers to the near​est hos​pi​tal as soon...


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