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Description of Business Cards

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  姓     名:     王树敏     学   号: 12105075

  专     业:   英语(商务方向)   班 级:   2010-04

  论文题目 description and translation of business card

  指导教师:       高翔     职 称:   _副教授___

2013   年   5 月     徐州

中文摘要 1
abstract 2
introduction 3
contents 4
function of business cards 5
    A. Infomative function
    B. Interpersonal function
  C.   Benefits of business cards 6
          a) Practical bebefit
          b) Inexpensive benefit
          c) Informative benefit
          d) Effective benefit
Layout of business cards 1
Business cards translation 2
  A.   methods of business cards translation
      a) Literal translation
      b) Traditional translation
      c) Free translation
      B.   name translation
      C.   title translation
      D. address translation
Etiqutte of giving business cards 4
Ps:   some tips to create a professional business cards 5
reference 6


关键词: 商务名片     组成部分     功能     名片排版   翻译

    The Description and Translation of business card
Abstract:business card also called name card , visit card. With development of foreign trade and cultural communication, the usage and importance of English business card become more and more outstanding. This essay mainly bases on the description and translation of the business card. As to its function, informative and interpersonal function is of great importance. If translation is inaccurately or fault, people are likely to misunderstand, which may breach the function of information, besides it may more or less influence foreign contact. some tips are also offered for make...


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