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Is Google Making Us Stupid

  1. Is Google Making Us Stupid?
    what could simply be a line or two in a book. Some may argue that Google does not make us stupid, but rather lazy.  They claim that instead of having the initiative...
  2. Is Google Making Us Stupid
    In the Atlantic Magazine, Nicholas Carr wrote an article, Is Google Making Us Stupid? Carr poses a good question about how the internet has affected our brain, by...
  3. Is Google Making Us Stupid
    decisions made that are based on this effort. In Nicholas Carr's essay, "Is Google Making us Stupid?," he claims that how our mind processes information depends...
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Technology is evolving everyday and we are getting more enhanced with our technological skills. Sites like Google, Bing, and Facebook are affecting our ability to concentrate. We read an article online and we can comprehend what the article is talking about we get the main point, but when most people read a book it's plain and boring. So is Google making us stupid or is the internet rewiring the way we read and focus. I am going to use Nicholas Carr's “Is Google Making Us Stupid” and “The Web Shatters Focus, Rewires Brain” to determine whether the internet is enhancing our knowledge or not. Firstly, I am going to discuss the internet is not making us stupid its giving us a great deal of research. Secondly, Social Networks are affecting the way we read and concentrate. Thirdly, Google seemed to be making people smarter, but more brain cells buzzing doesn't mean better brain functioning. Fourthly, Google is changing the way we think it's not making us stupid. I believe the Web is enhancing our researching ability.
    In Nicholas Cars's articles he explains what our brain is learning while on the Web, which is, basically just furthering our researching ability. Both articles he points out that we are not gaining knowledge we are just contributing to our researching ability. Nicholas Car says “What kind of brain is the Web giving us? That question will no doubt be the subject of a great deal of research in the years ahead.” and he also states “He recognizes that the Internet has been a useful tool for him to search for information and communicate.”. The internet is universally beneficial and useful to everyone.
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