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Are the People Rational or Irrational ?

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Which way of thinking for the community ?

Nowadays there are lots of politic conflicts and debates about democracy, proportion of representation and about any other issues like
education, health and many other political and administrative issues. Actually if we look at the issues from an objective view point
most of today's politic conflicts are born and come from one question, are human beings rational ? Some people argue that human beings
are irrational but some others, such as liberals, they claim that human beings are rational so they can decide what is good or bad for
themselves. I somehow agree and somehow disagree with liberal thesis because of these three points.

First, no one can impose to a person whether a thing is good and beneficial for him or not. People think differently for
instance for someone this thing can be beneficial but for someothers it may be harmful. Some people may be upset, feel bullied and
crushed because of imposition. And if most of people disagree with imposer's opinion, he cannot really impose his thought and this
situation may create really serious problems for him. So thinking like "everybody must accept my opinion and practice it in their
lives" is really dangerous way of thinking.

Second, people are somehow irrational and emotional so they can make wrong and really harmful decisions for themselves and for
other people who they can affect with their decisions. Sometimes people make decisions and take steps with their emotions and sometimes
with their madnesses so these dangerous situation may create unpredictable consequences. In todays world, in most of countries different
people from different nations, religions, cultural divisions, live together. As a sequence of this togetherness, two divisions cultural
level of people are created, ignorant people and educated people. Educated people are more well thoughted and think more rational
from ignorant people. Ignorant people may act irrational and it may...


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