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Creating Your Own Country

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Alethea - Success as a nation

Our success as a nation is not measured by how many years we have governed or how many wars we have won. It is measured by the quality of life, which we have created for the society that our ideals were founded upon. (Morgan, 1988). These ideals should be set up in a way in which they are able to move a country forward. A country’s prosperity is determined by multiple factors. These factors include but are not limited to: taxes, sustainability, healthcare, industry, government, and most importantly education need to be taken into serious account before any country is formed.   Each aspect plays a vital role in the development of the country. Alethea effectively combines these aspects, which results in a strong, prosperous, and independent country that has rightfully earned its title as an ideal nation.

Taxes in Alethea are set up in a way in which the country will be able to flourish. The Country’s booming tax system is due to the establishment of a very diversified economy. This simply means that the market consists of a very broad range of profitable sectors that does not rely on only one sector for its growth, it ensures that there sustainability is constant and that jobs are created in all sectors of the economy (Ask.com). Alethea’s tax system somewhat mimic’s that of Monaco’s, as a constitution of being a tax haven. All locals and foreigners officially residing in Alethea can benefit from this zero personal income tax regime. The principality of Alethea does not levy capital gains or wealth tax. There are no taxes for the individuals of Alethea, however companies of Alethea do pay the taxes in the country. A great percentage of these taxes paid by companies are salaried to VAT and corporate taxes. A part of this income is dedicated to health, the police force, public transportation as well as education. This effect of Alethea’s tax haven, in turn, creates a very positive effect on the economy of Alethea. Entrepreneurs come...


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