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Life Is Full of "Ifs" and "Buts"

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What would you do if you could not vote? Own land? Get a proper education? Would you be upset, furious, frustrated or annoyed? That is how most women feel when they heard this. Do you want that to happen to you and maybe even your daughter? For many years women have been trying to claim their rights while men have many privileges that women do not have. Many countries deny putting women’s rights into action. 
Everyone is entitled to have freedom especially women. Women’s rights let women be independent and treated fairly. Some of the most common rights they fight for are the right to vote, equal pay, owning land and getting an education. These types of problems usually occur in both under developed and developing countries. Over the years more people are respecting women’s rights. Multiple groups and organization such as IWRP also known as International Women’s Rights Project has been helping establish women’s rights around the globe for over two centuries.

Women’s rights are often ignored in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq etc. In Pakistan women are not respected and do not have rights. Women are often deprived of education, therefore they have to stay home and do chores for family. Men abuse them and they cannot do anything about it because of their status also majority of people think that men are better, they are smarter, and men are more important than everyone else. This gives them more power. In Pakistan women’s lives are being controlled. They cannot express their feelings. In 1947, women were able to vote but the big problem was that 99% of crimes were not brought to justice. Most of these cases talk about how women want to claim their rights or trying to fight against abuse. For example a student wanted to choose her husband, she was buried alive her parents killed her because she does not wish to do what her parents want. Women deserve to say what they want but right now their rights are being disregarded.

The abuse...


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