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Essays on Pollution Due To Festivals

  1. Air Pollution Due To Transportation
    Air Pollution due to Transportation Recently there has been a great emphasis in the media on pollution. In general, it seems that governments and citizens are...
  2. Pollution Due To Diwali
    to use crackers? As discussed in Is Diwali transforming from the festival of light & joy to the festival of pollution & destruction? : Diwali special, other sources...
  3. Indian Festivals
    India has sky rocketed. The pollution in India shoots up abruptly due to various factors and the pollution due to festivals is also one among them. The practice...
  4. Noise Pollution Details In Kolkata
    3000 Clubs in Kolkata city, on different pollution control norms during festive season. Four different short films on pollution due to idol immersion, loudspeakers...
  5. Pollution
    of air is termed as the atmospheric pollution, the pollution of hydrosphere or water is termed as water pollution, while pollution due to disposal of waste water...
  6. Noise Pollution
    and traffic noise is the great nuisance in the Indian cities. The level of pollution increases during festivals, cultural pro­grammes, elections, national...
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  7. Festival And Its Environment Impact
    the large scale wastage of water and water-pollution due to synthetic colours during Holi celebration. The festival of Holi is proving to be an environmental risk...
  8. Cogeneration And Pollution Control In Sugar Mills: a Review
    Cogeneration And Pollution Control in Sugar mills: A review Aakanksha Tyagi 1. Introduction India has been considered the original home of...
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  9. Article Summary - Traffic Pollution: a Factor In Street Vendors' Declining Health
    analyzed. The results of this study of local street vendors proved that air pollution due to traffic affects human health. The analysis of data from the experiment...
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  10. Vehicle Pollution
    2003/04 (Gg) Emissions from different vehicle type of India (Gg) Estimated Pollution Load in the cities (2002) Emission Norms for Gasoline Powered Vehicles Emission...
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  11. Pollution
    of diesel and petrol engines were felt for the first time in Los Angeles. Pollution due to auto-exhaust remains a serious environmental issue in many developed and...
  12. Solid Waste Management
    in neighborhoods adjoining the disposal site. The creek waters have been polluted due to inflow of leachate and the air quality has deteriorated from the frequent...
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  13. Keenjhar Lake In Peril!
    for the related fauna. The lake is facing severe pollution due to pesticides, which are habitually used in near cultivated areas...
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  14. Essay On Turkey's Energy
    The use of high-sulphur lignite in particular is an important source of air pollution. Due to efforts to move away from high-sulphur lignite to either imported...
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  15. What Is Disaster
    reactors. 7 Improper handling of biological experimatations and waste. 8.Over mining of natural resources 9.NUCLEAR WAR 10.Air pollution due to vehicles and CFC...
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  16. Environmental Pollution
    two million people die prematurely every year as a result of Air pollution , while many more suffer from breathing ailments, heart disease, lung infections and even...
  17. Environmental History
    fresh surface water. 4. Erie is the shallowest of the lakes & was the most polluted, due to the highest concentration of people & industry. 6. Nitrates...
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  18. Natural Gas, Pollution, And Our Environment
    for our fuel needs. All three of these acts have shown that government and society are trying to reduce pollution. Due to increasing society awareness regarding...
  19. Environment
    problems are deforestation activities, Population growth and urbanization, Pollution due to discharge of effluent and smoke discharge from the industries, Water...
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  20. Environmental Economics
    the Households 5.8b. Changes in Livestock holdings due to Pollution (%). 5.9. Death of Livestock due to Pollution and its Market value in Kazipalle 5.10. Estimation...
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  21. Matlab
    demonstrates the change in socio-economic pattern and brings out the environmental pollution due to use of higher fertilizer, pesticides, excessive use of water...
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  22. Pollution
    Instead of driving, carpool with a friend or take a bus. This will not only cut down on the pollution due to cars each year, but will also save money on gas...
  23. Hello
    very fast. They are changing the Gods grace.The natural environment is being polluted due to the unnatural factors. Humans cause morepollution than the environmental...
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  24. Nations Should Pass Laws To Preserve Any Remaining Wilderness Areas In Their Natural State, Even If  These...
    to global warming,disturb pattern of rain and climatic variations and pollution. Due to man's reckless deforestation many animals are on the verge of extinction or...
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  25. Papulation Explosion
    thin spread of health budget shortage of food and resources environmental pollution and deforestation unemployment increase in crime rate fall in quality of...
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  26. Pollution
    another public reminder.[7] [edit]Modern awareness Pollution became a popular issue after World War II, due to radioactive fallout from atomic warfare and testing...
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  27. Water Pollution
    sickness every day.[3] Some 90% of China's cities suffer from some degree of water pollution,[4] and nearly 500 million people lack access to safe drinking water...
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  28. Air Pollution
    the great concern surrounding the destruction of the earths atmosphere due to air pollution, the immediate and direct harm caused to the human body is often over...
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  29. 40Pages Information On Air Pollution
    is another source of concern. Light pollution is defined as the lightening of the night sky due to artificial light being scattered about, it is also known as sky...
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  30. Pollution
    rapidly. There are numerous effects on the human environment due to the increase in noise pollution. In the following paper, the cause and effects of noise...
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