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Identification of Communication Challenges Paper
Belinda Parker
Elements of Intercultural Communication
Professor Rae Thompson
November 19, 2015

Identification of Communication Challenges Paper
There are so many races that are being treated unjustly, Native American culture are the most degrades and misunderstood more than any other culture or race. Even High school as well Colleges mascots are sometimes having images of the Native American culture they have used the name “Native American” very loosely, on the basis of the Native descent, but not all the time is it based on the actual Native American history, the Native Americans are not always honored they are being put down and ridiculed. As the article Warriors Survive Attack, by Author Cathy Murillo (2009) the community of Carpentaria has raised up and defended the Native American mascot to honor the Chumash customs as well the spirit of the Native American Indians Warrior in the United States and the history of other cultures that claims to be very raciest/stereotype them. (Murillo). If other cultures (people) don’t try to comprehend and understand the Native Americans as well as respect them, that’s when stereotype will come in to place, and then discrimination be unsolved, ethnocentrism will remain unrebuked. Author Richard T. Schaefer (2012) wrote Sociology, the word stereotype means “a false image or unreliable about members of another group that does not recognize other individual’s differences in their group.” (Schaefer) Personally, I have heard/ seen other cultures stereotype the Indians and say that their other name is “Native Americans/Native American and they think they are all the same because they praise/worship nature, they have peace pipes they smoke. If we look we can find this to be un true, because movies and books have not but their focus on the real and actual meaning of the Native American Indians tribes, therefore people remain deceived of the current and past about...


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