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Seed Dehuller Heating Treatment

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In seed dehuller working, it is inevitable to have the heating process to produce different seed   food. The equipment for heating treatment is the dryer. Food processing is different from other processing. It needs reliable and safe heating treatment. Therefore, before operation, we should have lots of trial runnings for the seed dehuller.
The equipment adopts high efficiency to heat the material. We can adopt unit control method to meet the requirements for accurate temperature control. The SEED DEHULLER has the advantages of strong ability of absorption, high heat dissipation rate, fast temperature rising and lowering, and low energy consumption. For seed   processing users, each choice of the machine takes lost of their efforts and charges.
How to operate the machine correctly? How to prolong the machine service life? How to adopt good methods to make the machine runs in a normal condition and keeps the highest efficiency? All of these questions requires us to pay attention each relating skilled methods about the machine.
The heating method adopts advanced technology and improves material processing efficiency. And this is conducive to prolong the seed dehuller service life. This heating principle is suitable for each seed dehuller, such as seed dehuller, seed   peeling machine, seed   degerminator and so on.

There are various kinds of seed dehuller types. Lots of factors may affect the quality of this kind of machine. Today, let’s talk about these factors.

First, the material of the seed dehuller may affect its quality. The material of the machine can decide its strength, and the strength can not be decided by the processing technology. It is the natural feature of the material.

Next, the quality of the core parts may also affect its quality. The SEED DEHULLER has its own core parts just like the other machinery products, and the core parts always decide the whole equipment’s quality.

Finally, the processing technology affects the machine’s...


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