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What to Do If the Corn Flakes Machine Finished Products Are Mixed

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What to Do If the Corn flakes machine Finished Products Are Mixed

What to do if the corn flakes machine finished products (corn grits and corn flour) are mixed together?

1)Change the cloth; wrap the middle sieve rid 1-2 layers; the nylon cloth is no more than 70 mesh. What to do if the grits contain too many impurities? Increase hulling rate of the corn grinder; increase air flow.

2) Check the fastener, rotating part and lubricant before starting the corn flakes machine.

3) Before starting the CORN FLAKES MACHINE, run it without load and then charge in maize to make them uniformly scatter along the roller by regulating the clearance.

4) Pay attention to operation of rotating parts and bearings. If it occurs over heat, check and find reasons in time.

5) Choose the grinding roller according to different materials.

6) Check the roller regularly. The roller should be round and complete with good grinding teeth. Fast and slow rollers are of similar diameter and parallel axis.

7) Cleaning tools such as brush and scrapper should have pressure to tightly stick to the roller to improve cleaning effect.

8) Charging and grinding rollers should be passed revision of static and dynamic balance to prevent eccentric vibration.

9) Moisture in the materials should be less than 15%.

10) When you stop the corn flakes machine, you should stop charging in materials first. Then clean the machine till it finishes grinding.

Corn flakes machine consists of set of corn flakes machines which have different functions and technical process. In operation, we always have different problems. But if we can abide by the correct operation manual and solve the problems in time, we will become excellent corn flakes machine users!


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