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A Recently Issued Twenty-Year Study on Headaches Suffered by the Residents of Mentia Investigated the Possible Therapeutic Effect of Consuming Salicylates. Salicylates Are Members of the Same Chemical Family as Aspirin,

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The study about the effects of Salicylates on the decline of headache of people in Mentia and the conclusion for usage of these chemicals as a flavor in foods has various foibles in its argumentation and there is no strong reason to for the predictions to lead in the desired result. Therefore, in order to evaluate the authenticity of the argument different question should be answered.
First of all, this study hasn’t provided any statistical information and by providing them the prediction of the study could be cohesive. The first question here is that how many people has been surveyed in the study? The second one is that what was the gender of applicants in the study? And the last one is about the ages of participants in the study. Each one of these questions’ answer is critical to evaluate the study because there are differences in the biological and physiological system of men and women. Maybe Salicylates aren’t appropriate for pregnant women and if this is true, then companies aren’t allowed to use these flavors as additives to their foods which will be accessible for vulnerable people as pregnant. Also, if Salicylates aren’t appropriate for health of children or old people, then again the mentioned situation will be repeated that these chemicals aren’t good choices as food additives.
Moreover, in which range the study has surveyed Salycilates n foods of Mentia people? Are these chemicals concentration negligible or they are significant in foods? Due to the tolerance limit of each person body, the high grade of chemicals could be hazardous for the health. Also, beneath a definite level, the chemicals will lose their effects, so the range of these chemicals in foods should be provided in the study because of the fact that without these kinds of information there is a probability that companies use negligible level of Salicylates in their foods just to advertise their products as a healthy product, but with no effect on headaches of people due to the low level...


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