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Finc 500 Homework Assignment for Week 7:

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FINC 500 Homework Assignment for Week 7:
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For Week 7, please turn in the answers to the following questions:
1. When analysts use the term “capital structure,” what are they referring to?
2. Why does capital structure affect the market value of a firm?
3. Define “total risk” as it is used in capital structure theory.   How is total risk measured?

4. The forecast for your firm indicates there's a 20% chance that Net Income will be $200,000, a 50% chance it will be $300,000, and a 30% chance it will be $400,000.
a. Given these conditions and your answer to part a, what is the standard deviation of the Net Income estimate?
b. Given your answers to parts a & b, what is the coefficient of variation (CV) of the net income estimate?
5. What’s the difference between business risk and financial risk?
6. Assume your firm is zero-growth and pays all its net income in dividends each year   Also assume your firm can borrow money when it needs to at an interest rate of 6%.   Currently your firm’s cost of equity (Rs) is 10%, but if any money is borrowed that cost will rise to 11%.   Sales this year are expected to be $500,000 and operating costs are expected to be $400,000.   Your firm’s effective tax rate is 40%.   Given these conditions, what is the current value of your firm?   What will be the new value of your firm if it takes on $250,000 in debt?


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