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Too Much Homework

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Too Much Homework

I think there shouldn’t be so much homework that when you get home and you have to do your homework right away to get a decent amount of sleep. I understand having homework for math because the teacher have to explain how to do the assignment, but I hate when the math teachers give 50 problems of the exact same objective every night. I don’t understand why we have homework for other classes, because we could just have a couple assignments and a handful of quizzes and a few tests.
I really don’t understand why we have to memorize poems, because I forget it in a couple of days, why can’t we have that for an extra credit assignment. I hate vocabulary quizzes because I study and I fail it because I can’t remember it or there are too many definitions to memorize. I would do just fine on the prefix quizzes because there are only 10 definitions to remember instead of 30.
I really hate world geography because we do all the bookwork at home and all of her pointless talking in class and I don’t learn anything that way.
I love Mr. Ellis’s Biology class. It’s the highlight of my day because first of all his notes are awesome because he finds a way to make them really fun which Is hard to do because before when I heard we were taking notes I would sluggishly take out my note book. But now I get really happy and excited. The only homework he gives out is vocabulary and test reviews. And those 2 things help me on tests than any stupid pointless homework assignments will.
For the vocabulary Mr. Ellis lets us choose our own definition in 2-5 words and that sticks in my brain. For his test reviews he makes them a grade which is really helpful because if it wasn’t a grade I wouldn’t do it because I’m too lazy, even though I know it would help my grade.
I enjoy health because I know that if I do my work in class I won’t have homework, so health is the way all classrooms should be.
At home there are so many distractions that you could easily...


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