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Stree and Teenagers

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Stress, otherwise known in more medical terms as the "flight or fight" response, increases our heartbeats, speeds our metabolism and heightens our awareness. A little bit of this stress can be good for us, keeping us in tune with our surroundings. If these stressors last for long periods of time, they can keep us in a constant state of tension. They begin to wear on us physically, mentally and emotionally.
Causes of teen stress
It really depends on each individual what they consider to be stressful. What may be stressful for one teen, may not bother another teen at all. For this reason, it is well advised to keep in tune with your individual child's feelings about different things. Stressors can come from both internal and external sources, some of which are listed below.
  * Family problems (divorce, death in family, new sibling, financial problems)
  * Moving to a new school
  * Difficulty in school (learning difficulties, too much homework, tests)
  * Friends (lack of friends, shyness, fights with friends, acceptance/rejection, peer pressure, boyfriend/girlfriend problems)
  * Overload (too many extra-curricular activities combined with school work, jobs, etc)
  * Illness
  * Physical changes in body
  * Lack of sleep
  * Deciding one's future (college planning, job planning)
  * Overachieving (trying to be perfect in many areas)
  * High expectations (setting goals too high can come from both parents and the individual themselves)
Warning signs of teen stress
Signs of teen stress can come in many forms. Every teen will experience some signs at different times, but when they last for longer periods of time it can tend to create further problems. Signs of stress can be physical, mental or emotional.
Physical signs of teen stress
  * Headaches
  * Stomach aches
  * Muscle aches
  * Nervousness
  * Eating disorders (over eating, under eating)
  * Sleeping disorders (insomnia, nightmares)
Mental signs of...


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