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Teenagers can easily go wayward if they are not given enough care and attention because they have to face with endless problems during adolescence. Most of them are still naive and unable to control their temper and emotions. Hence, anger and depression will fester their minds whenever problems surface. The slip in their judgment is inevitable and it will attribute to unwise decision made. Some may fall into a dilemma when they receive the sudden and unexpected blow in their blissful lives.

The cavalier attitude of some parents regarding the mental development and problems of their teen-age children will force them to desperations. Parents may be too busy with their work and neglect their duties for their children. Some will exercise draconian control over their children and such suffocation over the control will make them pine for more freedom as they grow.

As such, teenagers become rebellious by seeking a way out from loneliness and pressure in the family. Most of them will share their problems with their friends but some will indulge in drugs or tobacco as a channel for escapism from the influence of their friends. By then, their way of thinking and behavior will have been deviated from moral values and their bright future is annihilated in the hands of vice.

Teenagers have to be strong to endure the trying times when growing up and not to be emotional. Come what may, it is essential to keep our moral values intact when seeking avenues to release pressure.

Good morning to Pn Mary and my fellow friends. Today I am going to talk about ‘Why I would like to be rich’.
I bet every single person in this world hope that they were born with a silver spoon. Some, unfortunately are born with a family below the average. So we should be thankful for what we have now and appreciate it.
I am not a rich person though but I always like to build castles in the air about getting rich. Let me explain why I would like to be rich. I think I have the...


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