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Teenage Pregnancy

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Teen pregnancy is a societal problem, a family problem and a personal problem all rolled into one. While the pregnant teenage girl is the one who stands to suffer the most from the circumstance in the short run, many more problems loom over the horizon. Certainly, the man involved in the process should be held accountable in many ways. Whether he stands up to his responsibility or not, often the costs associated with teenage pregnancy are still off the chart financially, emotionally and in many other ways. _Therefore as a society, we should be more responsible for teenage mothers as well as for their child they bear due to the fact that they still young and incapable of handling such responsibilities. This is because they are financially not secured; they do not have parenting skills, and teenage mothers do not know how to take care themselves during pregnancy._
Opposing argument 1: The society thinks that these mothers are financially stable.
Rebuttal argument 1: Teenage mothers are financially no secured.
  Pregnant teens are less likely to complete their high school     and attend college. Therefore it limits their opportunities     and well paying jobs.
      The absence of many teenage fathers further increases a young     mother’s risk of poverty and welfare dependence.
      The government should give a second chance to these teens     by creating a curriculum that helps them to further their     studies. This should be flexible for the teen moms and able     to spend quality time with their babies.
      This would give them a chance to get a good job to manage their     kids.
      For instance in 1996 Congress passed “Personal Responsibility     and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act“.
    Rebuttal argument 2: They are not mentally prepared to have the child.
  We could offer them help and...


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