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Teenage Pregnancy

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Informative Outline

Topic:   Teenage pregnancy

Specific Purpose:   To inform the audience about teenage pregnancy

  I. Introduction

  a. Attention Getter: Do you know anyone who is facing teenage pregnancy or that is facing the issue today? Do you want to know what it will be like pregnant as a teenager? I’m going to inform you about teenage pregnancy in the United States today. 1 in 3 teens get pregnant before the age of 20. Over 80% are unintentional, and untended. On average 1 million teens become pregnant in the United States. 13% of the births in the United States involve young mothers. And about 25% of these mothers have another child within 2 years.   Teen child bearing in the United States cost federal state and local taxpayers at least 9.1 million dollars. These funds are for (health care) Which pays for the hospital stay, and follow-up care for the mother and child. Foster care (because some mothers abandoned their child) incarceration   (because some mothers are in need of money so they turn to crime).   And yes your tax dollars do go towards abortion.
  b.   Preview: In our own state of New York, The average annual cost associated with a child born to a mother 17 years of age and younger is 30,375. Between 1991-2004 there were more than 91, 874 hundred teens that gave birth in New York. Teen pregnancy affects everyone. The father, mother, and the child. It also affects everyone around them. How can you prevent teenage pregnancy? There are many ways, however the most important
            Is to talk to your child. And let them know abstinent is the only way to
            Prevent teenage pregnancy. there are other methods you can also                             use to prevent pregnancy.

  II.             Body

  a. Birth Control Pills

Birth Control Pills are taken every single day. A woman choosing this method will commit to taking ONE pill every day, at approximately the same time every single day. Pills contain two types of...


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