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Sexually Active Teenagers

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Sexually Active Teenagers

Sexually active people are four times more likely to contract a sexually transmitted disease (STD) than to become pregnant. Teenagers have sex because of their inner drives, seductive messages, lack of supervision, over protection and most of all peer pressure. Some of the effects of being a sexually active teen are getting pregnant, getting STDs, being depressed or failing in school.
Teenagers have sex because of their inner drive. When teenagers start to grow pubic hair, develop breast, develop hips, hormones start to develop and boys’ voice gets deeper they get the feeling to want to have sex because they get attracted to others of the opposite or same sex. This is a normal feeling but there are some teenagers that cannot control it so they go ahead and have sex feeling it is ok for them to have sex just because it is normal feeling. In my opinion it is not, we as teenagers need to learn how to control how our body feel and know what is right from wrong.
Seductive messages in movies, music videos, TV shows, your parents, text messages or even in the streets give teenagers the feeling to want to experience what it feels like to have sex. Some teen lack supervision so after getting these seductive messages they just go ahead and have sex because they know there is no one that will find out that they are doing it. Teens with lack of supervision think because they have the freedom why not make use of it because some other teens are being overprotected by their parents. Teens that are overprotected by their parents sneak out and have sex behind their parents back. When their parents are not around they think that is their freedom to have fun and apart of having fun is having sex but in my opinion that is no reason for you to have sex when u have a little freedom.
According to ‘psychology today’ many teens especially boys, feel pressured to have sex before they are ready and one in three boys ages 15-17 say they feel pressured...


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