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Leg 500 Week 11 Final Exam

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LEG 500 Week 11 Final Exam
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LEG 500 Week 11 Final Exam

1. Identify the true statement(s) regarding freedom of speech:
I. It was not until the 1840s that legal doctrines protecting speech when offensive began to be recognized by the courts.
II. In the First National Bank v. Bellotti case, the Supreme Court struck down a state law prohibiting a corporation to advertise to influence voters on issues that did not “materially affect” its business.
III. In the Virginia Board case, the U.S. Supreme Court failed to link the “right to receive information and ideas” with the traditional values that underlie free speech.
IV. The Prescription Information Law expressly allows the transmission or use of both patient-identifiable data and prescriber-identifiable data for certain commercial purposes.
a. I only
b. II only
c. III only
d. I and III
2. According to John Kenneth Galbraith, the theory of consumer demand is based on the following broad assumption(s):
I. Socialism will work in all societies because consumers are willing to share their wealth.
II. The urgency of wants does not diminish as more of them are satisfied.
III. Wants originate in the personality of the consumer.
a. I only
b. I and II
c. III only
d. II and III
3. Citizens have always been afforded freedom of speech after the ratification of the U.S. Constitution.
a. True
b. False
4. Obesity in children has continued to rise since 1976 and approximately ¾ of all teens and youth are overweight.
a. True
b. False
5. The “creative revolution” in advertising refers to
a. The move from black and white to color advertising
b. The move from talking about a product to showing what a product can do
c. The move from showing what a product can do to making the product a status symbol
d. The move from making a product a status symbol to using subliminal messaging to “force”...


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