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Final Exam

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Final Exam Study Tips for Biology 400
The Biology 400 Final exam will consist of approximately 75 multiple choice questions. The students will take the test on a scantron. Each final exam period is 90 minutes long and students will get the entire time if needed to take the final. Taking the exam will be a more positive experience if you study the following objectives. Chapter numbers are given for many objectives and the number of questions covering each section is listed next to each chapter/unit. Be sure you set aside time in a quiet place where you can concentrate and study most effectively. You should also study concept maps, past quizzes, worksheets and lab reports you used this semester. Start studying well in advance of the test. I read that spending 12 minutes, two times a day, seriously reviewing the material works well. Studying with a group is an excellent idea. Do your best so that you can feel proud about your efforts.

Topics/Units to be Covered:  Scientific Inquiry and Methods of Science (Prologue)  Basic Biochemistry (Chapter 1)  Organic Biochemistry (Chapter 1)  Thermodynamics, Energy, and Organisms (Chapter 2)  Microscopy  Exploring the Cellular Basis of Life (Chapter 6)  Photosynthesis (Chapter 4) Items that students need to study:  Learning targets for each topic above  Learning targets created specifically BY YOUR TEACHER for the final exam  Review and make corrections to old quizzes  Any assigned activities from packets  Any notes that you have taken throughout the semester  The ScreenCasts for each major topic are available at the dgsbio400 YouTube Channel Things to study specifically for each unit:  Scientific Inquiry and Methods of Science o State and describe the steps in the scientific method. o Apply the scientific method to a given situation. o Define and identify a scientific variable and explain its importance in an experiment. o Compare an experimental set-up with a control set-up. o Interpret graphs to answer...


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