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In some courses, there are numerous exams throughout the course, while in other courses there is only one final exam. Discuss the advantages of each type of course. Then indicate which you prefer and why.

        People have different attitude toward the exams, some of them prefer to do exams throughout the course while other people prefer to do only one final exam. There are many advantages and disadvantages to both.

      First, I would like to discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of doing exams throughout the course. The advantages of doing exams throughout the course are many. The students will study very well. Moreover, the scores will be divided on the exams as a result to that students will gain more scores. On the other hand, students will get bored from the exams.

    I remember that one year I took a course in the chemistry and the teacher was always gives us exams. At the first I liked the course furthermore I had lots of marks. However, after that at the final exam I was bored and I did not study thus I did not gain many scores at the final exam.

    Second, there are many advantages and the disadvantages of doing only one final exam. Doing only one final exam will fade the pressure on students. Moreover, students will not be bored at the final exam. In contrast, it will be a high score on the final exam therefore students must study very hard at the final exam.

    As an instance, that one time I had a course and the teacher did not give us exams until the final exam. Thus, I did not get bored and I studied so hard therefore I get a high score in the exam.

    In conclusion, I think that having only one final exam throughout the course is better because students will not get bored. In addition, they will have the opportunity to have a high score in the final exam.


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