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Education for Development

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Education for democratic citizenship and human rights education are a useful tool for the growth of a community and later on a nation.   An   a community which has active participation of the citizen     attracts growth at all levels of development .Citizens need to be given the opportunity to work together in the interest of the common   good .This essay however agrees with the assertion that learning democratic citizenship would be achieved through active community engagement rather than through the formal school curriculum.
The term Education for democratic Citizenship refers to a set of educational practices and activities designed to encourage and help people play an active part in democratic life and exercise their rights and responsibilities as citizens in a society   . (Battisni: 2003).   Democratic citizenship is membership in a political democracy. The   unit for democratic membership does not have to be a nation or state .It can also be a city or some other subnatural.
Civic Education in particular emphasis active leaner participation, partnership   working and a more of active behavior in the community. Democratic Citizenship can effectively be taught by engaging the community in the learning process. To become full and active member of the society citizens need to be given the opportunity to work together   in the interest of the common good, respect all voices, even dissenting ones, participate in the political process and cultivate the habbits and values of democracy .According to( Arblaster:1987) Citizens come to feel useful and recognized   members of their communities able to participate and make a difference to society.
In order to learn how to be good citizens, education must connect subject matter with the places where students live and address issues that affect their respective community .learning should be based on real issues affecting life and engage community members in the learning process. Citizen participation would include among others...


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