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Mgt 312 Final Exam Uop New Materials

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MGT 312 Final Exam UOP New Materials

1. Self-enhancement and self-transcendence are:
• Endpoints of one of the dimensions of values
• Personal attitudes
• Cognitions
• Workplace attitudes

2. Regarding using personality testing as part of the hiring process, experts have concluded that:
• The effects of personality on job performance are so large it cannot be ignored by managers
• The typical personality test is not a valid predictor of job performance
• There are many valid instruments available to managers to test for personality types
• Only the Big Five should be used as predictors of job performance

3. Keyshawn is a player on a professional football team. Because of this, his play every week is scrutinized by fans and media, as well as his own coaches. Sometimes, their comments are very negative and even personal. Keyshawn will handle this better if he has a high level of _________ intelligence.

• Interpersonal

• Spatial

• Bodily-kinesthetic

• Intrapersonal

4. Camilla, a manager, notes that while Wilhelm’s written reports are very thorough and accurate, his oral presentations are not effective. Camilla is looking at:

• Consistency

• Distinctiveness

• Implicit factors

• Explicit factors

5. The extent to which an individual identifies with an organization and commits to its goals is called:

• Organizational satisfaction

• Organizational commitment

• Perceived organizational support

• Job involvement

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6. Stimulation is in the ____________ part of Schwartz’s model.

• Conservation

• Self-transcendence

• Openness to change

• Self-enhancement

7. Acme Movers is a company that ships goods and cargo to all locations in the United States. The employees understand that the company's primary vision of timeliness, efficiency and low-cost services is important to maintain the competitive edge over other movers in...


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