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Cj408 Final Exam Solution

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CJ408 FINAL EXAM Solution

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When we trust the judgments of people who have special training, such as a doctor or a lawyer, we are accepting their ______.
1. A) Wisdom
2. B) Expertise
3. C) Authority
4. D) Word
What are the four purposes of research?
1. A) Exploration, description, explanation, application
2. B) Exploration, description, funding, application
3. C) Exploration, development, inquisition, funding
4. D) Exploration, development, inquisition, application
When assessing the potential for harm, the researcher should ___.
1. A) Proceed only when they are confident that no harm will result.
2. B) Proceed only when the harm potential is psychological and not physical
3. C) Never proceed when harm is a potential
4. D) Proceed when the benefit outweighs the harm
Researchers may face legal liability when _____.
1. A) Researchers refuse to work with their subjects
2. B) They become participants in the criminal activity they are observing
3. C) Both of the above
4. D) Fortunately, researchers are protected from legal liability
Which of the following would serve as an example of a cross sectional study?
1. A) Uniform Crime Reports
2. B) The 2000 U.S. census
3. C) A single wave of the National Crime Victimization Survey(P 66)
4. D) Both Uniform Crime Reports and the 2000 U.S. census
Which of the following are social artifacts?
1. A) Citizen attitudes about the death penalty
2. B) Editorials in the New York Times (P63)
3. C) Cities with over 250,000 inhabitants
4. D) Months of the year
Units of analysis are typically also the units of _____.
1. A) Observation (P71)
2. B) Crime
3. C) Interaction
4. D) Fallacy
An indicator of the dimension “victim harm” is _____.
1. A) Economic gain
2. B) Gender of victim
3. C) Physical injury (P77)
4. D) Location of injury
A _____ asks people whether or not they have been the victim of...


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