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Law 421 Final Exam (Latest) - Assignments

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LAW 421 Final Exam Latest

1. When a buyer rejects nonconforming goods and purchases the appropriate goods from a different seller, this is an example of which of the following:
• Specific Performance
• Revoking Acceptance
• Lawsuit for Money Damages
• Cover

2. Which of the following would be considered intangible property?
• Hydrocarbons
• Pharmaceuticals
• A right of ownership or possession
• An apartment

3. Upon her return home from work, Maria discovered that her lawn has been mowed and trimmed. An hour later, a male stranger comes to her door for payment for the lawn work. Maria refuses any payment because she had not hired him to do the work. In these circumstances
• Maria would not have to pay anything.
• the man could sue Maria for unjust enrichment.
• Maria would have to pay whatever a court finds to be "fair."
• the man could sue Maria for breach of an implied, unilateral contract.

4. The power of preemption is derived from
• the Supremacy Clause.
• the power of judicial review.
• the Commerce Clause.
• the Necessary and Proper Clause.

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5. Two merchant companies have entered into a contract for the sale of goods.   They have had no prior dealings among themselves that may establish a course of conduct.   The UCC will provide "gap fillers" to supply missing terms unless
• they have failed to specify the price of the goods to be delivered.
• they have failed to specify the quality or grade of the goods to be delivered.
• they have failed to specify when payment for the goods is to be made.
• they have failed to specify where delivery of the goods is to be made.

6. "What if everyone took these same actions?" is a question sometimes called the
• morality approach.
• utilitarian approach.
• functionality approach.
• universalization approach.

7. Jurisprudence is defined as
• the science and philosophy of law
• the duties and obligations owed by a citizen
• the enactment of laws by a...


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