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Keller Mgmt 520 Final Exam

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(TCOs A, D, E)   Marvin worked at the local country club pool as a lifeguard, not a swim teacher, for the summer of 2013.   Marvin was a public school physical education teacher. The country club did not do a background check or confirm any references when they hired him. They relied on the “say-so” of Marvin’s brother, a member of the country club board of directors. The country club only did a cursory internet search of the state’s Department of Education website to verify that he had a valid teaching certificate. When one of the swim instructors unexpectedly quit one day, he took over the class. Initially, the class went well. Eventually, Marvin also took over coaching the club’s competitive swim team. When he became the swimming coach, Marvin effectively stopped “teaching” the swim classes. Instead, he had all the swimmers in the classes do races and train for competitive meets during the 30 minute lessons. Marvin had done this many times during the summer. His boss, the country club director, knew this and, as the swim team was winning, ignored complaints from parents and students. Marvin raced with the swimmers and pushed the winners out of the way when they tried to touch the side of the pool so that Marvin’s team would win each time. This was not the first time that Marvin had injured swimmers. Last year, he was arrested for physically abusing a child he coached at his school. Although the criminal charges were dropped, Marvin is on administrative leave from his public school job until an administrative hearing with the state Department of Education can be held in the fall. The incident was reported in several local papers, and his administrative suspension is listed on the state’s database.
Several of the children, ages 6-8, reported to their parents that they had been physically assaulted by Marvin...


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