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Busn602 Full Course

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BUSN602   Full Course  
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BUSN602 All Weeks Homework Assignments

week 1
BUSN602 Week 1Homework Problems:
You will complete your homework in Microsoft Excel, in the template provided in the assignment. Your work must be organized and properly formatted. Short essay answers must include references.
• Chapter 1: DQ1-8, DQ1-9, DQ1-10, DQ1-12; E1-2
• Chapter 2: DQ2-7; P2-8;
• Chapter 3: DQ3-1; P3-5, P3-6
Name your assignment file as “LastnameFirstinitial-BUSN602-Week1", and submit by midnight ET, Day 7.
"What are the six principles of finance?
Describe what is meant by ethical behavior.
What are the basic requirements of an effective financial system?
Briefly describe the differences between money and capital markets.
E1-2. The U.S. financial system is comprised of: (1) policy makers, (2) a monetary system, (3) financial institutions, and (4) financial markets. Indicate which of these components is associated with each of the following “roles”:
a. accumulate and lend/invest savings
b. create and transfer money
c. pass laws and set fiscal and monetary policies
d. market and facilitate transfer of financial assets
Define money and indicate the basic functions of money.
Define money and indicate the basic functions of money.
Assume that a country estimates its M1 money supply at $20 million. A broader measure of the money supply, M2, is $50 million. The country’s gross domestic product (GDP) is $100 million. Production or real output for the country is 500,000 units or products.
a. Determine the velocity of money based on the M1 money supply.
b. Determine the velocity of money based on the M2 money supply.
c. Determine the average price for the real output.
DQ3-1 Discuss how and why banks suffered financial difficulties during the financial crisis.
Following are selected balance sheet accounts for the Third State Bank: vault cash = $2 million; U.S....


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