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Student Partnership Program

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Microsoft Student Partner Program
Application Form

The Microsoft Student Partner Program is an annual award program designed to recognize and reward the most talented and most proactive computing science-related students for their contribution to the academic technical community. To apply, please email your completed application form to msp-help@microsoft.com. Please feel free to include any additional supporting evidence at the end of the document.

We’d like to know a little bit more about you and your university. Please ensure that the e-mail and shipping address provided here are correct and will be valid outside term time as these will be used for all future communications with you.

Full Name

Date of Birth

Gender             Male                                        

E-Mail address

Shipping address

Telephone Number


Full Course Title

Date of Graduation


Are you involved in any technology related societies at your University?   If yes please give details.


How would you describe your relationship with your computer science faculty?  

Have you ever attended a technical event, workshop or exhibition outside of those within your academic requirements?   If yes please give details.


Are you comfortable presenting to a range of audience sizes?   Details of experience.



What areas of technology excite you and why? Where do you see future technology innovation? Please explain your answer,

How do you share your technical skills and knowledge with others? Please give examples.
In my school, I try to put my course mate through in areas that they are finding difficult especially if it’s an area I am quite good in
Secondly in my department we sometimes organise tutorials among ourselves, in such tutorials we would call out someone that is good in a particular programming language and...


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