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A Healthy nation is the highest indicator of success of each country in the world. The level of medicine countries proves how much the country has an advantage and dominance among the other countries of the world. Medicine is the key to the political, economic success and one of the main necessities of every human. Each person wants to live in a country with a high level of medicine, where a person can safely entrust their lives and the lives of relatives.
      Asian countries, which are members of CIS countries is considered as developing countries, including Kazakhstan. Mostly, the CIS countries were in the USSR countries therefore the system of general medicine did not have differences with each other. However, the collapse of the Soviet Union has made a huge division and differences between onetime union. The United Nations Development Program has explored the Life Expectancy Index of world countries, where the results show that Kazakhstan is on the 124 place out of 176. Being in one of the latest places of the Life Expectancy Index is an inferior figure. The reasons of why Kazakhstan is on the end of the list are: high infant mortality, poor funding of the public health system and the deterioration of the quality of health care.
Obviously, Kazakhstan is doing great steps toward a brighter future. The countries of the Western Hemisphere have a high standard of living that is the cause of the rapid development in general. The government of Kazakhstan should follow this pattern by any means. The exchange program is a decision leading to the development of medicine and political friendship. Moreover, medical universities such as KazNMU (Asfendiyarov University) provide “international cooperation” programs with world universities in order to help students to see and exchange the experience they have had with others. Medical exchange program is a new experience for the country that is why the Kazakhstani goverment has no assumption whether this method is...


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