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Mgt 434 Week 5 Final Exam Help

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MGT 434 Week 5 Final Exam Help

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MGT434 Final Exam Perfect Answers

1.  The Civil Rights Act of 1964
A. amended the Civil Rights Act of 1866 to permit jury trials in employment discrimination cases.
B. brought an end to the Viet Nam war.
C. created the legal basis for non-discrimination in housing, education, public accommodations, and employment.
D. overruled Brown V. Topeka Board of Education.
 2.  Title VII protections apply to:
A.        managerial employees
B.        non-managerial salaried employees
C.        hourly wage employees
D.        all of the above
  3. for hostile environment sexual harassment to exist, the offending activity:
 A.        must occur at least yearly over a five year period.
 B.        need only occur once.
 C.        must be frequent and/or intensely offensive.
 D.        frequency is not a necessary criterion regarding hostile environment sexual harassment.
 4.  In order to be afforded constitutional and/or statutory protections, the complainant must:
A.        be a member of an organized religious denomination
B.        be a member of a religious denomination that the employer is familiar with
C.        show a sincerely held religious belief even without proving membership in a specific religious denomination
D.        none of the above
 5. Under the ADA, an individual
A.        is disabled if the individual has an impairment that substantially limits one or more of the major life activities.
B.        is disabled only if the individual has an impairment that substantially limits all major life activities.
C.        Is disabled if he suffers from any medically recognized disorder.
D.        Is presumed to be disabled unless an employer or prospective employer can prove otherwise.
 6. Peter is a 65 year old black man. He is a licensed pilot and is in perfect health. Peter has applied to Flying High Airlines, and his...


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