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The Life of Equality

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The Life of Equality
​What if you lived in a society with no freedom? How would you feel, how would you survive, would you want to live? Well that’s exactly what Equality7-2521 has been going through since he was born.”There was no pain in their eyes and no knowledge of the agony of their body. There was only joy in them, and pride, a pride holier than it is fit for human pride to be’’. This quote was chosen because it depicts the experiences that Equality faced in his life. Equality can be best characterized as an ongoing learner, rebellious soul, and brave one.
​This young man was always a curious fellow. He always wanted to better himself by learning everything that he could learn. In the house of students where he grew up, Equality would always ask more questions that any of his brothers. The teachers would take notice of this and would always make a mental note that he was more inquisitive than the rest of the group. At every opportunity he would try to learn all that he could. He wanted to gain every ounce of knowledge he could since he would soon be exiting school to enter the workforce. Since he was being forced out of school he became rebellious.
​He was considered a rebellious soul because he took chances that no other brother did. Equality and International 4-8818 found a tunnel that was buried under the leaves and instead of just moving on past it, he wanted to find out more and what was really down there. Ever since he found this tunnel he has been visiting this location without permission. While in the tunnel is continuing to learn and advance his mind which is also a rebellious act in the eyes of the World Council. This was a brave act considering the fact he was the only one to take it upon him to learn more.
​Equality was always the bravest brother out of the bunch. He was the only one who had enough courage and bravery to escape the Palace of Corrective Detention. He was place in there because he was caught one day coming from the tunnel. On...


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