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Marketing Career Case Study

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Mingfeng Li
MKTG 1110
Marketing Career Case Study
  I. Mission Statement Analysis on LinkedIn:
Mission: Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful
The mission statement of LinkedIn is brief and clearly states the reason why the corporation is in business—to connect the professionals around the world. Besides that, LinkedIn also manages to keep its mission customer-centered by focusing on values created for its users, making them more productive and successful.   By using the word “world” in its mission statement, LinkedIn identifies itself as a global corporation providing services not only to business in United States but also to customers in other countries.

  II. Careers in Marketing Summary:
According to an online marketing website (Careers-in-marketing.com), there are five major areas of marketing, which are Public Relations, Market Research, Product Management, Retailing and non-profit. Among these, I am most interested in Market Research area.
Professor Tucker from MIT Sloan School of Management states in one of her report that nowadays, companies collect a huge amount of personal data from their customers and users (Tucker, 2014). These data will then be analyzed to provide predictive insights on market trends, customer behaviors and product innovations (Reinartz, 2012).   For instance, Target managed to increase its revenue from $44 billion to $67 billion in 8 years since 2002. This significant growth is largely contributed by its customer life condition predictions, such as pregnancy and marriage (Duhigg, 2012). By using the concept of Big Data in Marketing Research, it tends to lead to a high return on investment.
The skills required to succeed in marketing research are more technical than social. It is suggested that marketing research positions call on a high requirement of analytical skills and creative ability. Some preferred skills suggested in the book Field guide to data science include...


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