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Psyc 354 Homework 2 Frequency Tables and Graphs

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PSYC 354 Homework 2 Frequency Tables and Graphs

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All Questions
Part I: Concepts

These questions are based on the Nolan and Heinzen reading and end-of-chapter questions.

Use the following table to answer Question 1. This table depicts the scores of 83 students on an exam worth 65 points.

1)   Use the information in the table to determine the percentages for each interval. Depending on your rounding decisions, these may or may not add up to exactly 100% but should be very close.

Table: Grouped Frequency Table
Exam score Frequency
60–62 3
57–59 9
54–56 21
51–53 18
48–50 14
45–47 10
42–44 8

2)   When constructing a histogram and labeling the x- and y-axes, the lowest number on each axis should ideally be ……

3)   A frequency distribution that is bell-shaped, symmetrical, and unimodal is              

4)   A frequency distribution that has a tail trailing off to the right of the distribution is  

5)   A frequency distribution of ages of residents at a senior citizen home is clustered around 83 with a long tail to the left. This distribution is  

6)   When a variable cannot take on values above a certain level, this is known as a(n)                 effect.

7)   A grouped frequency table has the following intervals: 30–44, 45–59, and 60–74. If converted into a histogram, what would the midpoints be?

8) Do the data below show a linear relation, non-linear relation, or no relation at all?
9) Do the data below show a linear relation, non-linear relation, or no relation at all?

Part I:
Question 10a- 10e

•     Read the introduction and click on different “subway lines” to see how the interactive graph works.

10-a)     In which of the four boroughs is the median household income highest?  

10-b)     Click on the “A” line. Does the line graph for Manhattan show high or low variability? What does this
level of...


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