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Hsv405 Midterm

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HSV405 Midterm
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Question 1
4 out of 4 points
Management can be defined rather simply as the process of:
a. Making a plan to achieve some end
b. Organizing the people and resources needed to carry out the plan
c. Encouraging the helping workers who will be asked to perform the component tasks
d. Evaluating the results and then revising plans based on this evaluation
e. All of the Above
Question 2
4 out of 4 points
Education, training, counseling, therapy or casework are referred to as what types of services:
a. Indirect
b. Case Management
c. Direct
d. Administrative
e. None of the Above
Question 3
0 out of 4 points
A major component of the management of human services programs is supervising which can best be described as:
a. Mobilizing the people necessary to make the program work
b.Tracking progress on program objectives and activities
c. Enhancing the skills and motivation of service providers
d. Structuring and coordinating the work that need to be done to carry out plans
e. All of the Above
Question 4
4 out of 4 points
The key actors in the human services organization’s environment who have the most influence on the organization are referred to as:
a. Stakeholders
b. Fiscal Officer
c. Donors
d. Information Systems Developer
e. None of the Above
Question 5
4 out of 4 points
Within an organization, there are many different types of planning. Which types provides specific guidance on day-to-day activities necessary to implement the strategic plan:
a. Project Planning
b. Long-Range Planning
c. Business Planning
d. Operational Planning
e. None of the Above
Question 6
4 out of 4 points
Peter Senge, in his classic book, The Fifth Discipline, introduced the notion of “governing ideas” for an organization. Which idea answers the question “What do we want the organization to be”?
a. Mission
b. Core Values
c. Vision


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