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Cultural Anthropology Term Project Autobiographical Family Study

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Cultural Anthropology Term Project
Autobiographical Family Study

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The objective is to relate this project to the text readings and to events in your family history. Think enculturation, culture, ethnic background and customs and learn more by asking your family and friends about the events: history, traditions, beliefs, cultural heritage, etc.that make you who you are You may relate it to the entire Social Science group- economics, sociology, philosophy, political science, history, psychology which make up Cultural Anthropology. This is your opportunity to tell your story and that of your family.

Remember to cite your paper properly and no plagiarism, all papers will be scanned!

Parameters of the Paper
Minimum content of 6-7 pages includes the Title Page and a bibliography
12 pt., double spaced report. Spell and Grammar check and submitted (attach the file) in the Assignment drop box by due date posted. Attach the file not a copy of the paper in the drop box.
Bibliography or References: Text, interviews or other documentation
            Text- author, text, publisher, date of publication and pages
            Interview- name of interviewee, date, relationship to student, how (personal, phone,
e-mails, letters etc….
            Internet- standard internet format: name of article, author, and website address

Please make sure you compose your paper and save in a “WORD” formatted file. This is a backup copy encase of any problems. The bibliography is a standard format, for interviews you will need the name of the interviewee, relationship, date of interview, and how (personal, internet, telephone, etc...)
(Just a reminder : Wikipedia is not an educational source)
Utilize the

Use the guidelines below and utilize some or all of the questions to assist you.

It is essential that you interview family members: at a minimum one of your...


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