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Ifsm 300 Input Process Output Learning Activity

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IFSM 300 Input Process Output Learning Activity

Question 1
Which of the following is not a business process?
Question 1 options:
A) Hiring employees

B) Paying taxes

C) Running the business

D) Ringing up a sale

Question 2
Question 2 options:
The result of a process is the
Question 3
In the process "Grade final exams" which of the following are inputs?   (select all that apply)
Question 3 options:
A) Final exam papers submitted

B) Answer key

C) Student grades on final exam

D) Faculty marks the correct and incorrect answers on the exams

Question 4
Question 4 options:
The information needed for a process to occur is called

Question 5
For the process "Make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich" which of the following are the outputs?
Question 5 options:
A) Peanut butter

B) a sandwich

C) a full stomach

D) the recipe for how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Question 6
True or false:   Processes contain action words, or verbs, in their description, whereas inputs and outputs usually do not contain verbs.
Question 6 options:

Question 7
Question 7 options:
The steps taken to change input to output is called a

Question 8
For the process of enrolling a student in a class, which of the following are the inputs?   (select all that apply)
Question 8 options:
A) list of names of students in the class

B) student name

C) The system adds the student name to those registered for the class

D) class selection

Question 9
Question 9 options:
A management report is an example of an
Question 10
True or false:   A process is a series of tasks.
Question 10 options:

Question 11
Question 11 options:
"Enrolling a student in a class" is an example of a process


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