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Mgt412 Full Course (All Cases and Slp)

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MGT412 full course (all cases and slp)

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Module 1 - Case
Developing and Enforcing ADA Policy
For your first assignment in this Module, you will be experiencing some of the same challenges HRM professionals experience in prepare company policies. Specifically here you will be working on an organization-wide policy concerning the Americans With Disabilities Act.
After becoming familiar with the ADA's requirements please discuss the following:
1. You are a newly assigned top HRM professional in your organization that offers carnival rides around the U.S.. Your organization has 250 employees traveling carnival circuits and 200 more back at the plant creating and making new carnival rides (Ferris Wheel, Tilta-Whirl, etc.). Your boss has just entered your office shaking his head in disbelief. He handed you an article written by someone named Jacobs. He said "I am sure you know all of this stuff, but it is a foreign language to me." He wants you to develop an ADA policy/procedures document for your new Employee Handbook. Your boss is concerned with staying in compliance with the ADA while achieving high productivity, keeping costs in line and maintaining employee morale. Use the Jacobs article as a spring board to your approach (since this is the focus of your boss' attention at this time). Hint: Be sure to look at the employer information on the EEOC website.
2. After you have developed your policy and procedures section for the Employee Handbook, discuss how you determined what should go into a policy/procedures statement to employees. Did you lean on policies/procedures of other employers? If so, which ones?
3. Would you issue the same Employee Handbook and/or a different document to your supervisors? Why or why not?
Submit this paper by the module due date. Paper length:3-4 pages, not counting the cover and reference pages.
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