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Ntc 362 Complete Week 3

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NTC 362   Complete Week   3

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eek-3   Network Interconnections

Class Participation Activity: TCP/IP vs OSI Protocol Stacks
Question: Pictorially model the TCP/IP protocol against the 7-layer OSI model. In your depiction, include the common protocols that fit in the various levels.

Class Participation Activity: TCP vs. UDP Layer 4 Protocols
Question: What is the difference between UDP and TCP? When would you use one over the other?

Class Participation Activity: Connectionless vs. Connection Oriented packet networks
Question: What are some of the advantages & disadvantages of connection oriented networks over connectionless networks. Give one example of each.

Class Participation Activity: LAN vs. WAN
Question: How do LANs and WANs compare in terms of reach, bandwidth, complexity, scalability and reliability? Justify your answer?

Supporting Activity: Introduction to Packet Switching
Question: Discuss the following:
• What is a packet?
• What is packet switching?
• How would you explain the concept of packet switching?
• What are the advantages and disadvantages of packet switching over circuit switching?

Team Assignment:
Learning Team: Diagram Current Local Campus Network in SIM Part II

Your team has been tasked to determine the root cause of this problem. The analysis should begin by taking a holistic view of the network diagram to understand the topology. Then, progress through the OSI model to find the problem. Also, look for potential choke points that could cause a significant network slowdown. After locating the potential cause of the problem, design a network with the proposed solution.
Create a 1-page summary of your findings and the team’s solution based on the description above and your Week Two diagram. Your summary should include the following:
• Methods used to locate potential problems
• How choke points were...


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