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Pa 571 Midterm Exam Answers

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PA 571 Midterm Exam Answers

PA 571 Midterm Exam Answers

Question 1:
(TCO A) Which answer includes the three major categories of nonprofit organizations?

Question 2:
(TCO A) Which statement is true?

Question 3:
(TCO E) Generally, a nonprofit organization is not able to offer a salary comparable to what would be offered by a for-profit business for a similar position. What is a reason for this discrepancy?

Question 4:
(TCO F) You have just been promoted to Volunteer Coordinator at your organization. This is a newly created position so you are responsible for developing all aspects related to volunteer management. What should you include in the New Volunteer Welcome Packet?

Question 5:
(TCO F) A nonprofit organization may decide to develop and use a volunteer job description for each position to be filled by a volunteer. Which of the following is a reason that a nonprofit may decide to do so?

Question 6:
(TCO B) You are on the Board Development Committee of a local nonprofit community center. There are two openings on the Board of Directors, and your committee is in charge of filling those slots. What characteristic in the prospective board member would you most like to see from among the choices below?

Question 7:
(TCO B) Turnover on the board of directors of a nonprofit organization is in many cases normal and may in ways even be desirable. But to help ensure some stability in the relationship between the board and the executive director, which one of the following tools might be of some help?

Question 8:
(TCO E) Per the Week 2 lecture, a starting place for a nonprofit organization to look for potential candidates for employment is

Question 1:
(TCO E) Imagine that you are the Executive Director of a nonprofit organization whose mission is to save the rain forests in Brazil. You plan to raise money for your mission by selling memberships in your...


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