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Crimes Against Women

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I live in a society where when a female is subjected to a crime like rape the victim becomes accuse....yes i live in india....i am disgusted with the mentality that people have here....not only men bt women too think that it is the girl's fault if she is raped. They won't say that the rapist must be hanged or must be jailed. The first thing they will say is 'why was the girl roaming outside at that hour of the day','why was the girl wearing such revealing clothes '.... What?!... Are u serious ?  Do you have any freaking idea about what ur stating. Like how could they even say such things? Are supposed to stay at home in fear of such criminals? Or strict action must be taken against such ruthless people? Will those people say the same thing if someone whom the loved or someone for whom they really care was the victim? Just think about it. We are a new generation and things must change. We cannot have such mentality. Though this i just want those who are reading this to know that this is not right. Instead of supporting the victim we accuse her..... this is not right at all....Even if a girl roams around being naked no one has the right to touch her against her will.... Just think about it.... We are the future of india... and together we can change things....
Zohra JD


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