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The Civil Rights Movement

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The Civil Rights Movement
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The Civil Rights Movement

Final Project
• Your Final Project will be a Powerpoint presentation that focuses on a movement/group/campaign that you can see yourself being part of. It can be an existing one, or you can create one. You will define how you can contribute and why.
When making your choice, you MUST refer to the definitions of social movements in your text (starting on page 134) and make sure what you have chosen fits the criteria. If not, please ask me or your TA about your idea. THIS IS THE #1 THING LEFT OUT OF PAPERS THAT RESULTS IN AN AUTOMATIC 3-POINT DEDUCTION!What your presentation should include:
3-4 slides–description of the movement you have chosen or created. This should assist the viewer in understanding some brief history of this movement, and it’s current impact (if any). If you are creating a new movement, you will want to give some historical context and cite other movements that have influenced your choice. Describe what kind of movement it is, as stated in the directions above and on page 134. YouMUST reference the text. 3-4 slides–description of why you chose or created this movement. This section should focus in on you and your connection to this movement. Inform the viewer of why you chose this movement, your personal beliefs on the issue, and/or the type of social change you hope to accomplish. 3-4 slides–your role or contribution. This section should delve into the organizational aspects of the movement. Share how you see yourself involved and explicitly state your role or how you’d like to contribute. 3-4 slides–how you’re going to help initiate change. This section is about your action plan. How are you going to do what you propose doing? Explain/show the specific parts of your plan. (You can combine 3 & 4, as there may be a lot of overlap) 3-4 slides–how you envision the future (with the assistance of this...


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