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Civil Rights of Black

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University of Puerto Rico of Ponce
PO. Box # 7186
Ponce, Puerto Rico 00731
Dear Fernando A. Rodriguez:
Greetings, I hope everything is going great. I have made this letter to give ideas of projects that would help renovate the university.   I have developed three of them, these are: modernize the campus, create and reestablish the green areas, and expand the facilities of the gym. These three ideas would help the university have a better appearance and it would have a better environment. It would help increase the motivation in students.
When I thought about modernizing the university the first thing that came through my mind was to paint it. Give color to the structures, these would help to bring life to the campus. It would definitely change the appearance and it would give a better impression. Another idea could be to renovate the cafeteria. The cafeteria is one of the most visited places of the campus. Some students get together there to talk or do group works. Most of us like the idea of innovation and the modernizing. We look for motivation to study and the cafeteria would be a great place for that. It would also generate more profits to the university.   Student’s hallways look for new things and having a place with a great environment to eat and also study in the way it is.
Another way to give motivation and capture the attention of a student is to create more green areas. By these I also mean to give them a practical maintenance. Having great surroundings and a great view is beneficial to the student and the appearance of the university. Green areas always bring peace to the place. These would also help to lower temperature levels on the area.  
Most students like to be in a good shape. We like to have a good gym that could facilitate our necessities. Our campus has the space necessary to expand our gym. Making the gym more comfortable would be a strategy to create interest of athletes and to bring them to our university. It would also...


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