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My Rights End When the Rights of Others Begin

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My rights end when the rights of others begin – Essay

Everybody have their own rights. A legal entitle to have or obtain something. Like for example, I have a right to think.   No one could tell me that I should have to think on a certain way.     Everyone can travel wherever they want. Buy anything they want or even own a property they love. Sometimes property is not just a material thing, it could also be people or partner in life like your special someone who is your girlfriend or boyfriend. I can say that this is the most expensive and most treasured one.
I can also say that this is the best example that everyone could relate. Everyone have their own version of stories but all end up in either sad or happy ending. Why am I saying this? It is because even in love, all people have their own rights. The right to choose their love ones or a right to leave their love ones too. With all our action, there is a consequence that we must face. Because for example, the moment that you leave your partner or give your favorite toys to others, your rights with your partner or your favorite toys will end up. That’s what you called Boundary.
It is the boundaries of our personal rights have been summed up more or less concisely in the observation that they end where those of others begin. And this is a perfectly good lamp by which to guide our actions in many cases. It means that anything that we own, of course we
Have rights on it. It’s either your relationship, property or any material things that you own but the moment you sell or leave your partner, someone will own it. By that moment, your rights end up.
Remember, our rights end when the rights of others begin. There are things that we don’t want to happen but we have to accept, things that we don’t want to know but we have to learn and people we can’t live without but we have to let go. By this time, our only choice is to accept and move forward w/ the next cycle of life.


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