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1.1 Describe What Is Meant by a Positive Environment.

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MU2.8 outcome 1

1.1     Describe what is meant by a positive environment.
A positive environment is one that supports all aspects of development and children's learning and provides ways for practitioners to extend on that, challenging children and promoting times for them to rest. Also it should be done in a safe and secure environment like doing daily risk assessments making sure we have corner guards fitted to work top surfaces and other corners like toy box units. We make sure plug sockets covers are in to stop any child from poking anything in to it and safety gates are fitted also checking to make sure tables are clean and all areas and toys are sterilised and clean and making sure that nothing is broken all at the start and end of each day.
Making sure that the environment in the workplace is clean, organised, colourful and bright will all help towards making it a positive environment for the children and young people. Having our children’s artwork on the walls or hanging up around the room lets the children know that we are acknowledging them and lets them know that what they have done is an achievement and that we respect them for who they are this is all part of a positive environment.
We also have expressive materials like paint, drawing materials or clay for the children so that they can pretend, invent and create. We let them have a sensory experience like sitting in a quiet area with fairy lights on or playing with light up toys, like light up tambourines and other musical instruments, or soft squishy toys and different textured materials which helps to soothe the children’s emotions. Having water play, sand play, play dough, pouring materials helps our children release frustration in a constructive way. Construction materials, like building blocks, are also important and help to develop a child’s fine and gross motor skills so we have stickle bricks, Duplo and building blocks that the children can play with when they want. We have boxes with a...


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