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Ged 210 Unit 1 Examination Answers

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GED 210 Unit 1 Examination Answers
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1. Which of the following would not be considered a specialization within the discipline of physical anthropology?
• human anatomy
• paleopathology
• primatology
• phonology

1. The material products of former societies are known as:
• artifacts
• fossils
• legacies
• antiquaries

1. Anthropologist, Spencer Wells, is the director of the geographic project which is:
• making significant contributions to the philosophy of archaeology.
• conducting ethnographic fieldwork among the Vanomamö Indians of Venezuela
• helping to illuminate the migrations of humans throughout the world
• using computer technology to do cross-cultural comparisons.

1. Kelley Hays-Gilpin, a southwestern U.S. Archaeologist, studied:
• Brazil
• gender approaches to the archaeological record
• tropical rainforests.
• East Africa

1. The people known as classical archaeologists conduct research on:
• ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome.
• the evolution of prehistoric stone tools.
• societies of the more recent past.
• ancestors of contemporary Native Americans.

1. Research on artifacts found in the remains of slave quarters at an 18th century tobacco plantation in Virginia would be an example of:
• historical archaeology.
• forensic anthropology.
• applied anthropology.
• classical archaeology.

1. One of the most important tool types invented by homo erectus was the:
• Mousterian hammerstone.
• Clovis projectile point.
• Neolithic grinding stone.
• Acheulian hand axe.

1. The stone tool industry associated with Neanderthal populations was called the:
• Oldowan complex.
• Mousterian tradition.
• Acheulian technology.
• Chopper tool system.


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